How to estimate the cost of a quartz worktop?

estimate quartz cost A countertop is the most vital element in any kitchen. Not only does it take in all the action and cooking activities, but also it plays a major role in accentuating the overall look of your kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen worktop always consumes lots of time in researching and comparing between materials and more importantly most of the budget. If you are considering quartz worktops, this guide will help you understand how to estimate the average cost of a quartz countertop.

The cost of a quartz countertop is mainly determined by a few factors: Size of course, any ornamental details requested (like a specific edge pattern or more thickness of the slab), and the cost of installation and whether or not it is included. If you want to get the best deal there is, you have to be wary of the following points:

Research. Research. Research!

This is a long-term investment; do not ever make a purchase from the first supplier you contact. Take your time and research the market very well, request quotations from at least three different providers to get a clear idea about the average cost.

Evaluate your quotation request!

It is very important to ask for a detailed quotation that breaks down all the elements that affect in the price of a quartz top. The total cost should include the cost of the quartz slab, edge fabrication, seams joining, fixtures and sink cutouts. Another very important that weighs so much in the cost of a quartz top is whether or not the installation fees are included. When comparing rates, be extra careful of the very low rates, and the excessively expensive ones, as there must be something wrong in both! Always ask for a quote that includes everything, and by getting a quote from different suppliers, you will be able to efficiently evaluate the quote and eventually make up your mind!

Do not get pushed by sales pitch!

It is quite common that you will be getting a sales pitch when you ask for a quote from any supplier! This is totally normal, and you only need to know how to react to these sales pitches. Always, always take your time in making a decision, the salesperson will always try to make you sign a contract on the spot or offer you a buy now special offer, just do not get tempted, and do not make a decision in a hasty manner. Continue searching and comparing prices before making your final call!

Save money with smart shopping!

Save money on graniteSome people save lots of money and get a very good bargain on quartz worktops. The trick here is to shop during the low seasons where there are usually lots of special offers and discounts. The low seasons will be mainly the holiday seasons, when most people postpone their renovation plans till after the holidays. During this time, you can find amazing bargains and save lots of money!

A worktop is an item that you will have around for years to come, do not rush and take your time to ensure that you are getting something that goes in harmony with both your taste and your budget!

The Pros & Cons of Quartz Countertops

Pros-and-Cons-Quartz-WorktopsWhen it comes to kitchens renovation, your countertop is the most important element. There are so many materials to choose from for your kitchen worktop. One of the most popular options these days is quartz which has invaded the market in the last few years and soon established itself as a good alternative for natural stones. If you are considering quartz in your kitchen, this article will help you know more details about this new material and its advantages and drawbacks.

How is it manufactured?

Quartz is an engineered material which means it is not a totally natural stones extracted from earth like granite. However, quartz is made by combining natural quartz crystals with binders, pigments and resins. It goes through a series of processes of heating, cooling, profiling and polishing till you finally get that beautiful top in your kitchen. Like any other material, quartz has its own pros and cons; however, it is worth to mention that quartz’s edges are way more than its setbacks!

 Why quartz is perfect for your kitchen work surface?

-   Since it is totally manufactured, quartz is such a resilient material that is available in a wide array of colors and patterns with a possibility of customization as well, unlike natural stones which are rather quite limited in their options!

-  Quartz is a very strong and durable material! It is crack and chip resistant and can tolerate high temperature.

-   Quartz is highly stain resistant as it features a non-porous surface. Unlike natural stones which are prone to staining, quartz is not susceptible to staining and a spill of coffee or wine will not harm your top!

-    If you do not like demanding cleaning chores or the regular resealing process that natural stones demand, then quartz is perfect for you. As it is highly stain-resistant, it makes its cleaning super easy! No resealing is required and with just water and regular soap you can clean you top!

Things you should be careful of in quartz work surfaces!

-   Quartz is such a heavy material, even heavier than granite, therefore it requires professional installation to make sure your top is fitted and installed correctly and of course to avoid any damage or breakage in the surface.

-   Quartz is a bit costly, but absolutely worth it! However, it is definitely competitive comparing to granite. To make sure you are getting the best bargain, do your homework well and contacts lots of providers and you will be able to get a good bargain!

-   There might be some visible seams in the joints of a quartz countertop, but definitely not as visible as that in granite. And with the darker shades, you will not even notice any seams!

-   Although quartz is very solid and heat resistant, it is not as tough in this area as granite. Therefore, it is always advisable to be extra cautious and do not place very hot utensils directly on the surface without a rack!

In a nut shell, quartz is definitely one of the most popular options nowadays and that goes back to its many advantages that you will not find in any other material!