Quartz Information

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1. Facts about quartz

Weighing the pros and cons of any material will allow you to make a sound decision; in this case quartz tick all the boxes of the essential qualities in any kitchen worktops, while its disadvantages are not really a drawback in its solid popularity

2. How to Drill in Quartz Countertops?

To drill an easy hole in your kitchen’s top; you will need a drill with a diamond core bit, drilling template, modeling clay, and water. By following the below instructions, anyone can drill a hole in a quartz top professionally

3. How to Edge a Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops should be edged according to its suitable use. You will have to choose one of about two dozen options, alternating from square to multiple angles, also depending on its location and the use of the countertop of course counts alongside its conformity with the décor and interior of the room

4. How to fix chips in quartz worktops?

There are always ways to fix any problem you may face and here are some simple techniques to use while trying to fix it without having to change your slab or worry about high cost maintenance.

5. How to remove hard water stains from quartz?

Removing water stains from a quartz surface is not a difficult task and you can get rid of the unattractive hard water stains and get the shine back into your top. With these simple tools and instructions, you can easily remove any water stains and protect your quartz work surface from staining

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