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When you hear the word “Quartz”, lots of ideas questions resonate into your mind. Some of which are like; can an engineered stone rival natural stones like granite? Is it as expensive as granite? Is it hard-wearing and durable? You have suffered from the amount of maintenance natural stones demand and you are wondering whether this stone is just as demanding. You care so much about hygiene and you want a stain-resistant material that will not be a safe harbor for bacteria. You have a particular design in mind and you are looking for a specific color and pattern with high consistency and uniformity in the stone slabs. You are on a tight budget, but still you want something both affordable and elegant. Lots of questions and concerns are roaming around in the market, and it is always advisable to do your own research before making up your mind. This guide aims at unraveling the ins and outs of quartz tops and tiles; its advantages, its upkeep, and why has it gained wide momentum in a short period of time? You can ask for quartz supplier reviews and we will give you the numbers of our esteemed customers.

Reasons why Quartz is for you!

A heavy-duty surface that would stand with you for a lifetime!

Are you looking for a sturdy countertop for your kitchen or hard-wearing tiles for your bathroom? Is your kitchen a vigorous and brisk place with lots of actions that functionality and durability in a worktop is an absolute must-have? Are you looking for a life-time investment with good value of money? If that is the case, then quartz is definitely for you! The product of nature and advanced technology comes with astonishing benefits that you will not find in any other solid surface. Featuring benefits like: solid and sturdy surface with high resistance to heat, scratch, chip, and crack. A worktop of this stone in your kitchen will help you bring your cooking skills into the light without having to worry about the hot pots and pans that might ruin your surface, or getting it scratched or chipped during your rigorous cooking activities. You can preserve your work surface or tiles in perfect condition over the years.

Worry no more about maintenance and upkeep!

If you are looking for a care-free countertop or tiles, if you do not have the time for regular maintenance or tough cleaning chores, then quartz is for you. Unlike natural stones, its non-porous nature makes it highly stain resistant. You do not have to worry about tough stains like oil, vinegar, coffee, or wine, it is resistant to water absorption and you can simply wipe down all drops and spills with a soft cloth and a mild, non-abrasive detergent! That is what you will need to keep your surface or tiles all clean and stain free.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: do not take any chance!

In places like your kitchen or your bathroom, hygiene is a key factor that you cannot take any chance with. Natural stones like granite and marble with its porous nature are more prone to staining and therefore can hold moulds and bacteria. For a safe and clean feel in your kitchen or bathroom, then this stone is definitely what you are looking for; non-porous, stain resistant, no seams for bacteria to hide!

Suffice your aesthetic needs with quartz!

If you have your unique character and style and you like to bring your touch and personality in every room in your house, if you have an eye for details and you are not fully satisfied with the inconsistency in the colors and patterns of natural stones and you would like a perfectly toned and uniform look, or if you do not like to be limited in choices, then this natural stone is the way to go! Available in a plethora of colors and hues and unique patterns and veining, it will complement any décor and add a dash of luxury and elegance into your kitchen or bathroom.

Professional Installation: be on the safe side!

Heavy and solid surfaces like granite and quartz are quite tricky when it comes to its installation. It has to be accurately measured up and templated with pre-cuts for the sink or hubs and then fitted and installed professionally by skilled stonemasons for a flawless finish!

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